Registration is closed.

Entry Fee Inclusions
  • 1 x Race Bib Tag
  • 1 x ZoooM 5k Drawstring bag (with front pocket)
  • 1 x ZoooM 5k T-Shirt (gender-specific cutting)
  • 1 x ZoooM 5k Medal
  • Drinks (Water & Sports drink)
  • Watermelon
  • Banana
  • Snacks
  • Medical Aid/Ambulance (only for emergency situations)
ZoooM 5k T-Shirt

ZoooM 5k Medal
Sample design.  Actual medal colour/design may differ slightly.
ZoooM 5k Drawstring Bag
Sample design.  Actual product colour/design may differ slightly.

Entry Fee

  • SGD$49 per person (Valid till 21 Feb 2016)

Confirmation of Registration
  • You will receive a payment confirmation email from PayPal.  That email will be the confirmation email.
  • Your name will also be listed on our website (Click HERE)

Transfer of Registration
  • You may transfer your ZoooM 5k slot to another person by informing us of the change with the person's particulars at by 21 Feb 2016.
  • Please provide us with the email of the person replacing you so we can obtain the necessary details of the replacement.
  • There is no charge to transfer your slot.
Refund Policy
  • We do not accept refunds but we do allow free transfer of your slot to another person by informing us at by 21 Feb 2016.
  • Change of Singlet/T-Shirt size after registration closes is subject to availability.