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26 March 2016, Saturday

Flag Off

MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore (View map)

5 km


For participants eligible for the Senior categories, you may select to race under Open category instead of the Senior category. 
You will then compete in the respective category you select.
You will not be able to swap between categories on race day nor win prizes assigned to another category which you are not racing under.

  • The Top 3 from each category (based on the fastest 'gun time') will be awarded prizes.

Baggage Deposit
  • Complimentary for all participants.
  • Limited space is available.
  • Operates from 6am till 10am.
  • All Bags must be collected by 10am or it'll be disposed.
  • Alternatively, lockers are available at the Amenities Centre for $1(small locker) & $2 (large locker).  Only $1 coin is accepted.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)
  • We love to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle for a 'Greener' environment.
  • Let each of us play a part to reduce waste from disposable plastic cups by  bringing along your own bottle/cup/hydration bladder for refilling of drinks.
  • You may leave your bottle/cup/hydration bladder at the Event Site whilst you are out on the 5km route or carry it with you to refill at the 3km water station.
  • You may wish to 'self-mark' your own BYOB with your bib number/name to avoid mix-ups with others' bottles/cups.
  • All bottles/cups are to be collected by 10am.  Any unclaimed bottles/cups will be disposed after 10am.
  • To preserve & protect the nature reserve/trails, all litter/waste (including gels, wrappers, packaging, unwanted food, etc) are to be disposed into proper waste bins/trash bags at the event site.  
  • There are no waste bins along the route so please carry your waste/wrappers/litter with you until it can be disposed into proper waste bins/trash bags.
  • If you are caught littering along any part of the route, you will be fined by the staff of NParks/PUB/Authorised Officers.
  • As we take a serious view on littering, you will be disqualified (DQ status) if you are spotted littering at any part of the route.